WATCH Russian strategic bombers fly over Japanese Sea during 9-hour long mission

Two Russian strategic nuclear-capable Tu-95-MS bombers have performed a scheduled flight over the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, including the Japanese Sea. At some point, they were shadowed by Japan’s fighters.

Footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows the giant four-engine bombers taking off from a military airfield and flying over the ocean before safely returning home after more than nine hours in the sky. The bombers were escorted by several Sukhoi Su-35c supermaneuverable air defense fighters.

The flight was performed over the neutral waters in full accordance with the international norms, the defense ministry said in a statement. The mission lasted more than nine hours. At some point, the Russian aircraft were shadowed by the Japanese F-15 fighter jets, the ministry added.

Tu-95MS is the fastest turboprop-powered aircraft in the world and the only turboprop-powered strategic bomber that is still operational. Its flight range is over 10,000 kilometers and it can carry Kh-102 cruise missiles equipped with thermonuclear warheads with an estimated capacity of up to one megaton.

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