WATCH red-hot lava flow in Guatemala as Pacaya volcano continues to erupt after 50 days

Guatemalan volcano Pacaya, which has been active for two months, coated cars with ash in the nation’s capital and caused aircraft to be grounded at the main airport.

A video published by AFP shows red-hot lava flowing from the volcano’s crater.

The volcano, which lies 25km (15.5 miles) from the capital, Guatemala City, has been active for more than 50 days, ejecting plumes of thick smoke and rocks.

The eruption on Tuesday left ash on cars and sidewalks in the city, as authorities closed La Aurora International Airport, diverting a least one flight to neighboring El Salvador. Reuters reported that volcanic ash coated the entire surface of a plane on the tarmac.

Guatemala’s national disaster management agency said that Pacaya was releasing ash up to 3,500m in the air. Officials said they were monitoring the lava flow and the ash fall above six villages.

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