WATCH Mandalorian ship get DESTROYED by Siberian ‘mini-tornado’, weeks after Star Wars fans erect ‘Razor Crest’ replica on hill

A fan-built, life-size copy of a spacecraft from the The Mandalorian TV show, which is part of the ‘Star Wars’ universe, was knocked from a hill in Siberia by a powerful wind.

A team of fans assembled the replica of ‘Razor Crest’ gunship last month. The vessel, which was piloted by bounty hunter Din Djarin, the lead character in the show, was then put on display in a park in the city of Yakutsk, Russia.

The ship did not stand for long, however, as it fell victim to local weather. A gust of wind toppled the installation on the hill, sending it rolling down a snowy slope. 

The replica’s designer, Ayaal Fydorov, told a local media that his vessel was destroyed by a sudden “mini tornado.”

“No one was hurt. We were sitting in a car – it was slightly tilted [by the wind], and later the ship [got tilted as well],” he said.

“Everything happened very fast,” Fyodorov said, adding that he was going to collect the broken parts and think about restoring the ship. “Of course, we will not give up, and I think many will support us.”

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