No Biden? No big deal! Putin grabs defense minister for all-terrain vehicle ride during Siberian getaway (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin spent the weekend in Siberia following a turbulent week in which his US counterpart called him a killer and refused his challenge to have a debate.

The Kremlin, which released images of Putin’s days off on Sunday, would not disclose where exactly the president went. A good guess would be the Republic of Tyva, where Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu hails from, a personal friend of Putin who accompanied him during the getaway.

Shoigu showed Putin his workshop, according to the video and its description. The space is apparently used for woodworking, and the minister was filmed explaining to the president how to arrange driftwood and branches for crafts. They also took a ride on a tracked articulated all-terrain vehicle, with Putin taking the wheel and his host in the passenger seat.

The weekend apparently included watching wild animals, walking through deep snow, and snacking under fir trees – but no bare-chested horse-riding or creek-swimming, for which Putin’s days off in the great outdoors are best known in the West.

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Earlier this week, the Russian president became entangled in a media-translated spat with his US counterpart, Joe Biden, who called Putin a killer and promised he would pay a price for allegedly interfering in America’s domestic affairs. Putin responded by wishing Biden good health and challenging him to publicly discuss the many issues that the two nations have with each other. The White House did not accept the offer, but Biden later told journalists, “I’m sure we’ll talk at some point.”

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