Nanny who paraded down Moscow street with severed head of four-year old girl she was supposed to be watching set for deportation

Smiling sweetly in a Russian court room, it could be hard to believe that babysitter Gulchehra Bobokulova had shocked the nation with the brutal murder and dismemberment of a severely disabled child she’d been trusted to care for.

WARNING: Graphic details that may be upsetting to some readers

However, a judge ruled in 2017 that she was guilty of killing four-year old Nastiya Meshcheryakova, who suffered from a birth defect that left her unable to walk, as well as epilepsy and learning difficulties. The year prior, having waited for the girl’s parents to leave home, Bobokulova strangled the child and severed her head with a knife.

The nanny then torched the apartment and took the head in a taxi to a metro station in the east of the Russian capital, where she began to pray, shouted “Allahu akbar” and announced she would blow herself up. Police apprehended her shortly afterwards.

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On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that Bobokulova, an Uzbek citizen, would be deported to her homeland at the end of court-mandated treatment in a secure psychiatric facility. According to officials, the decision was made because of the “undesirability” of allowing her to remain in the country.

A psychiatric examination found that the 39-year old former childminder suffers from a chronic mental disorder. She was charged with murdering a child, arson and falsely reporting having a bomb. Her translator said that she had pleaded guilty to the charges before being remanded in custody.

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The crime caused a sensational media storm in Russia, particularly after a video was released in which Bobokulova said that she had killed Nastiya as “revenge” for Russia’s role in the ongoing conflict in Syria. In the erratic clip, she insisted that Russian President Vladimir Putin “spilled blood. Planes carried out bombings,” and asked “why are Muslims being killed? They also want to live.”

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