‘Most of the time it’s on me’: Serena Williams’ husband calls interracial marriage ‘even more work’, tells people ‘be more honest’

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, has claimed that married life with the US tennis legend requires “even more work” because the pair are interracial, adding that “it’s on me” while telling couples to be “more honest”.

The Reddit co-founder repeated his spouse’s comment to dating app Bumble that “marriage isn’t bliss without work”, thanking her for “leading” him while offering the public relationship advice.

Answering a question about what she has learned about marriage, Williams laughed and replied: “I learned that love is an amazing feeling and if you have an opportunity to feel it, then it’s a special thing.

Republishing the quotes after they were picked up by a gossip site, Ohanian opined: “People have got to be more honest about how marriage isn’t bliss without work.

“I think it’s even more work when it’s interracial marriage (and most of the time it’s on me, to be honest).”

Alluding to the intimate details of partnerships being kept “dark” by couples, Ohanian addied: “We need more sunlight these days, not less. Appreciate S [Williams] for leading, per usual.”

Readers on social media rushed to lavish praise on Ohanian after he made the remarks about his four-year marriage to Williams, with whom he has a three-year-old daughter, Olympia.

“More people need to be fricking honest,” agreed a self-proclaimed life coach. “There’s a reason the divorce rate is so high.

“Marriage takes work, commitment and the balls to not to be right all the bloody time.”

In response, Ohanian admitted that he tries to “CEO every situation” and said he had spoken to his therapist about the issue.

“Couples therapy is vital, even and especially when things are going well,” he told another supporter. “If one can afford to do it, please do.”

An investor asked Ohanian whether the post had been a joke. “I refuse to believe this,” they sycophantically jibed.

“You are perfect. You both are. Seriously, thanks for sharing. Transparency helps everyone.”

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