‘F**k you & leave me alone’: Russian ace Kudryavtseva hits out at body-shaming critics after post-pregnancy weight battle

Russian tennis player Alla Kudryavtseva has lambasted internet users who send her body shaming messages advising her on losing weight, telling them to leave her alone as she knows she is “bigger than I used to be.”

The winner of 10 WTA doubles titles complained that she had become an object of online criticism, with fans ridiculing her physical shape which she said was not perfect, having given birth to a son in 2018.

Kudryavtseva, 33, outlined that she doesn’t need any extra advice regarding the weight loss as she has been struggling to “shed those pounds” since returning to the tennis circuit.

The player added that being surrounded by perfectly fit players gives her additional stress while she tries to get rid of the extra kilos she gained during pregnancy.

“Added to the usual name calling and career advice (to quit) are the painful body shaming messages from our ever ‘admirable’ disappointed gamblers,” she tweeted. 

“Trust me guys, I am painfully aware I am a lot bigger than I used be. And it is extremely hard to be surrounded by perfectly fit 20 year olds and a bunch of mamas that look fitter than ever…

“I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and I’m struggling to shed those pounds. I’m trying, I’m working and I’m back on the tennis court… So f*** y** and leave me alone.”

Along with 10 WTA doubles trophies, the player has also scooped one WTA singles title. Her best Grand Slam performance was registered at the 2008 Wimbledon tournament, when she reached the fourth round.

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